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Hadrons and Nuclei
Eur. Phys. J. A 1, 55-59

A high spin isomer in 153Eu

J.M. Chatterjee1 - Somapriya Basu-Roy1 - S.S. Ghugre3 - S. Chattopadhyay1 - R.P. Singh4 - G.O. Rodrigues4 - R.K. Chattopadhyay2 - R.K. Bhowmik4

1 Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics. 1/AF Bidhannagar, Calcutta 700064, India.
2 A. M. College, 102/1 Amherst Street, Calcutta-700009, India.
IUC-DAEF, LB Block, Bidhannagar, Calcutta 700091, India.
3 Nuclear Science Centre, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi 110067, India.

Received: 22 April 1997 / Revised version: 26 September 1997

A search for new isomers of nanosecond lifetimes were carried out in 153Eu via the 150Nd(7Li,xn$\gamma$) reaction. The single particle angular momentum alignment and dynamical moment of inertia estimated from the experimental data indicate a configuration change at rotational energy $\hbar\omega \sim$ 0.30 MeV. A decrease of B(E2) values is also observed at the same frequency. An isomeric level is identified at an excitation energy of 3100 keV (J$^\pi$=35/2-) which corresponds to this frequency. The lifetime of the level is found to be 8.6$\pm$ 1.3 nanosecond.

23.20.Lv Gamma transitions and level energies - 21.10.Tg Lifetimes - 27.70.+q $150 \leq A \leq 189$

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