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Hadrons and Nuclei
Eur. Phys. J. A 7, 79-85

Cross section and resonance strength measurements of 19F(p, $\alpha\gamma$)16O at Ep = 200-800 keV

K. Spyrou1 - C. Chronidou1 - S. Harissopulos1 - S. Kossionides1 - T. Paradellis1 - C. Rolfs2 - W.H. Schulte2 - L. Borucki2

1 N.C.S.R. "Demokritos'', Institute of Nuclear Physics, Laboratory for Material Analysis, 153.10 Athens, Greece
2 Institut für Physik mit Ionenstrahlen, Ruhr-Universität-Bochum, Universitätsstrasse 150, 44780 Bochum, Germany

Received: 21 June 1999 / Revised version: 30 September 1999 Communicated by D. Schwalm

An excitation function of the 19F(p, $\alpha \gamma)^{16}$O reaction has been measured over the proton beam energy range Ep=200-800 keV using a 4$%
\pi $ NaI summing spectrometer. A new resonance was found at ER=237 keV and its properties $\Gamma _R$, $\sigma _R$ and $\omega \gamma $ have been extracted. The strengths of all resonances at Ep = 200 - 800 keV have been also extracted. The importance of the 1+ resonance  at ER=11 keV is discussed and its width has been estimated taking into account interference effects with the strong 1+ resonance at ER=340 keV. The reaction rates have been calculated over a wide range of temperatures and compared with the rates of the (p, $\alpha_{0}$) and (p, $\alpha_{\pi}$) branches of the 19F(p, $\alpha)^{16}$O reaction.

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