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Hadrons and Nuclei
Eur. Phys. J. A 16, 71-94 (2003)
DOI: 10.1140/epja/i2002-10061-5

On the cascade approach to the quantum multiscattering problem

L.L. Salcedo

Departamento de Física Moderna, Universidad de Granada, E-18071 Granada, Spain


(Received: 24 May 2002 / Revised version: 22 July 2002 / Published online: 17 January 2003)

The multiscattering problem is studied in the matrix density formalism. We study how to isolate the quasi-classical degrees of freedom in order to connect them with a cascade approach. The different problems that arise, as well as their possible solutions, are discussed and exemplified with a pion-nucleus model.

03.65.Nk - Scattering theory.
24.10.Lx - Monte Carlo simulations (including hadron and parton cascades and string breaking models).
24.10.Cn - Many-body theory.
25.80.Ls - Pion inclusive scattering and absorption.

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