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Hadrons and Nuclei
Eur. Phys. J. A 1, 299-306

The comparison of characteristics of $\pi^-$ mesons produced in central Mg-Mg interactions with the quark gluon string model predictions

L. Chkhaidze - T. Djobava - L. Kharkhelauri - M. Mosidze

High Energy Physics Institute, Tbilisi State University, University St 9, 380086 Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, (Fax: (99532) 99-06-89; e-mail: djobava@sun20.hepi.edu.ge or, ida@sun20.hepi.edu.ge

Received: 2 August 1997 / Revised version: 17 November 1997 Communicated by V. Metag

A detailed study of pion production in central Mg-Mg collisions at a momentum of 4.3 GeV/c per incident nucleon was carried out with use of the setup GIBS. The average kinematical characteristics of pions (multiplicity n-, momentum P, transverse momentum PT, emission angle $\Theta$, rapidity Y) and corresponding distributions have been obtained. The experimental results have been compared with the predictions of the Quark Gluon String Model (QGSM) and satisfactory agreement between the experimental data and the model has been found. The QGSM reproduces also the dependence of average PT on n-. The temperatures of $\pi^-$ mesons have been estimated in the rapidity interval of 0.5$\leq$Y$\leq$2.1. A satisfactory fit for $\pi^-$ mesons has been achieved by using a form involving two temperatures T1 and T2. It is found that the QGSM underestimates T2 by $(10-15)\%$. The data have been analyzed using the transverse momentum technique. The observed dependence of the $<P_{x}\hspace{0.01cm}^{\prime}(Y)\gt$ on Y shows the S-shape behaviour. The slope at midrapidity F has been determined. The QGSM reproduces the <Px> distribution satisfactorily, but underestimates the parameter F.

25.70.-z Low and intermediate energy heavy-ions reactions - 25.75.Ld Collective flow

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