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Hadrons and Nuclei
Eur. Phys. J. A 1, 347-354

Study of nucleon spin-dependent properties in the resonance region

Yu-bing Dong1,2

1 CCAST(World Laboratory), P. O. Box 8730, Beijing 100080, P.R. China
2 Institute of High Energy Physics, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, P. O. Box 918, Beijing, 100039, P.R. China (e-mail: dongyb@bepc3.ihep.ac.cn)

Received: 7 October 1997 Communicated by W. Weise

In this paper, the spin-dependent structure functions of nucleon g1, and photoabsorption cross sections $\sigma_{1/2}$, $\sigma_{3/2}$and $\sigma_{T}$ in the resonance region are estimated based on the constituent quark model and the properties of the five phenomenological Breit-Wigner resonances P33(1232), S11(1535), D13(1520), P11(1440), and F15(1680). Our results are compared to the recent E143 data of the polarized structure functions g1(W2,Q2) at points Q2=0.5 GeV2 and Q2=1.2 GeV2 and the data of the total inclusive photoabsorption cross sections.

14.20.Dh Protons and neutrons - 13.60.Hb Total and inclusive cross sections (including deep inelastic processes) - 12.39.Ki Relativistic quark model - 25.45.De Elastic and inelastic scattering

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