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Hadrons and Nuclei
Eur. Phys. J A 2, 9-11

Short note

Experimental evidence on the ground-state energy of 229Pa

A.I. Levon1,2 - J. de Boer1 - M. Loewe1 - M. Würkner1 - T. Czosnyka3 - J. Iwanicki3 - P.J. Napiorkowski3

1 Sektion Physik, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München, D-85748 Garching, Germany
2 Institute for Nuclear Research, 252028 Kiev, Ukraine
3 Heavy Ion Laboratory, Warsaw University, Pl-02-097 Warsaw, Poland

Received: 29 January 1998 Communicated by P. Kienle

The E1 transition from the 3/2- state to the ground state of 229Pa was identified in the (p,t$\gamma$) reaction. Its energy is found to be 11.6(3) keV. This leads to a value of Q$_{\makebox{g.s.}}$ = -4133(2) keV and to a mass defect of 229Pa of 29 894(3) keV. It is concluded that the ground-state configuration of 229Pa is 3/2[651].

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