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Hadrons and Nuclei
Eur. Phys. J. A 2, 245-248

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Decay from superdeformed yrast states to normal deformed states in 193Tl

S. Bouneau1 - F. Azaiez1 - J. Duprat1 - I. Deloncle2 - M.G. Porquet2 - A. Astier3 - M. Bergström4 - C. Bourgeois1 - L. Ducroux3 - B.J.P. Gall5 - M. Kaci1 - Y. Le Coz6 - M. Meyer3 - E.S. Paul7 - N. Redon3 - M.A. Riley8 - H. Sergolle1 - J.F. Sharpey-Schafer9 - J. Timar10 - A.N. Wilson11 - R. Wyss12

1 IPN, IN2P3-CNRS, F-91406 Orsay cedex, France
2 CSNSM, IN2P3-CNRS, F-91405 Orsay cedex, France
3 IPN, IN2P3-CNRS, F-69622 Villeurbanne, France
4 The Niels Bhor Institute, University of Copenhagen, Roskilde, Denmark
5 IReS, IN2P3-CNRS, F-67037 Strasbourg, France
6 DAPNIA, DSM CEA Saclay, F-91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France
7 Oliver Lodge Laboratory, University of Liverpool, Liverpool L693BX, UK
8 Dept. of Physics, FSU, Tallahassee, Florida, FL 32306, USA
9 NAC, Faure PO Box 72, ZA 7131, South Africa
10 Institute of Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, H-4001 Debrecen, Hungary
11 Dept. of Physics, University of York, Heslington, YO1 5DD
12 The Royal Institute of Technology, Physics Department Frescati, Frescativagen 24, S-10405 Stockholm, Sweden

Received: 19 March 1998 Communicated by B. Herskind

Three high energy $\gamma$ rays have been observed to connect the two yrast signature-partners superdeformed bands in 193Tl to the normal deformed states. Thereby, both excitation energy and spin of these bands are proposed for the first time in an odd-proton nucleus.

$\!\!$21.10.Re Collective levels - 23.20.Lv Gamma transitions and level energies - 27.80.+w $190\!\le\!A\!\le\!219$

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