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Hadrons and Nuclei
Eur. Phys. J. A 3, 149-157

Light charged particle emission induced by neutrons with energies between 25 and 65 MeV on oxygen.
I. Protons and deuterons

S. Benck1 - I. Slypen1 - J.P. Meulders1 - V. Corcalciuc2

1 Institut de Physique Nucléaire, Université Catholique de Louvain, Chemin du Cyclotron 2, B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
2 Institute for Atomic Physics, PO Box MG6, Bucharest, Romania

Received: 24 April 1998 / Revised version: 1 July 1998 Communicated by D. Schwalm

Double-differential cross sections (energy spectra) for proton and deuteron emission in fast neutron induced reactions on oxygen are reported for nine incident neutron energies between 25 and 65 MeV. Angular distributions were measured at 15 laboratory angles between 20$^{\circ}$ and 160$^{\circ}$. Procedures for data taking and data reduction are presented. Deduced energy-differential, angle-differential and total cross sections are also reported. Experimental cross sections are compared with existing data and with theoretical model calculations.

25.40.-h Nucleon-induced reactions - 25.40.Hs Transfer reactions - 28.20.-v Neutron physics

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