2023 Impact factor 2.6
Hadrons and Nuclei
Eur. Phys. J. A 4, 291-305

Formation of correlations and energy-conservation at short times

K. Morawetz1 - H.S. Köhler2

1 Fachbereich Physik, Universität Rostock, D-18051 Rostock, Germany
2 Physics Department, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona 85721, USA

Received: 25 November 1998 / Revised version: 11 January 1999 Communicated by P. Povh

The formation of correlations due to collisions in an interacting nucleonic system is investigated. Results from one-time kinetic equations are compared with the Kadanoff and Baym two-time equation with collisions included in Born approximation. A reasonable agreement is found for a proposed approximation of the memory effects by a finite duration of collisions. This form of collision integral is in agreement with intuitive estimates from Fermi's golden rule. The formation of correlations and the build up time is calculated analytically for the high temperature and the low temperature limit. Different approximate expressions are compared with the numerical results. We present analytically the time dependent interaction energy and the formation time for Gauß- and Yukawa type of potentials.

05.20.Dd Kinetic theory - 24.10.Cn Many-body theory - 72.10.Bg General formulation of transport theory - 82.20.Mj Nonequilibrium kinetics

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