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Hadrons and Nuclei

Eur. Phys. J. A 9, 425-432

On the reactions ${p + p \to p + \Lambda + K^+}$ and ${p + p \to p + \Sigma^0 + K^+}$ near thresholds

A.Ya. Berdnikov - Ya.A. Berdnikov - A.N. Ivanov - V.F. Kosmach - M.D. Scadron - N.I. Troitskaya

State Technical University of St. Petersburg, Department of Nuclear Physics,
Polytechnicheskaya 29, 195251 St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Received: 1 November 2000
Communicated by V.V. Anisovich

The cross-sections for the reactions of the strange production p + p $\to$ p + $\Lambda$ + K+ and p + p $\to$ p + $\Sigma^0$ + K+near thresholds of the final states p$\Lambda$K+ and p$\Sigma^0$K+ are calculated in the effective Lagrangian approach. Our approach is based on the dominant contribution of the one-pion exchange and strong interaction of the colliding protons in the initial state. The theoretical values of the cross-sections agree reasonably well with the experimental data. The polarization properties of the $\Lambda$- and $\Sigma^0$-hyperons are discussed.

11.10.Cd Field theory: Axiomatic approach - 25.10.+s Nuclear reactions involving few-nucleon systems - 25.40.-h Nucleon-induced reactions - 25.40.Cm Elastic proton scattering

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