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Hadrons and Nuclei

Eur. Phys. J. A 10, 139-143

Low-spin states of doubly odd $\bf {^{182}Au}$

F. Ibrahim1, J. Genevey1, E. Cottereau2, A. Gizon1, A. Knipper3, F. Le Blanc2, G. Marguier4, J. Obert2, J. Oms2, J.C. Putaux2, B. Roussière2, J. Sauvage2, A. Wojtasiewicz5 and the ISOLDE Collaboration5

1  Institut des Sciences Nucléaires, 38026 Grenoble Cedex, France
2  Institut de Physique Nucléaire, 91406 Orsay Cedex, France
3  Institut de Recherches Subatomiques, 67037 Strasbourg, France
4  Institut de Physique Nucléaire, 69621 Villeurbanne Cedex, France
5  University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland


(Received: 19 December 2000 / Revised version: 22 February 2001 Communicated by W.F. Henning )

Low-lying states in the odd-odd light gold isotope 182Au have been populated by the $\beta^+/EC$ decay of the 182Hg nuclei. Level energies, spin and parity values were determined using on-line $\gamma$-ray and e- spectroscopy measurements. No isomeric state with a long half-life was found in the 182Au nucleus. Spin and parity $I^\pi$ = 2+ can be very likely assigned to the 182Au ground state.

21.10.Hw - Spin, parity and isobaric spin.
23.20.Nx - Internal conversion and extranuclear effects.
23.20.Lv - Gamma transitions and levels energies.
27.70.+q - 150$\le A\le$189.

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