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Hadrons and Nuclei

Eur. Phys. J. A 11, 79-85 (2001)

Spectral analysis of 208Pb muonic atom

F.-Z. Ighezou1, R.J. Lombard2 and J. Mares3

1  Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumédienne, BP 32 El-Alia, 16111 Bab Ezzouar, Alger, Algeria
2  Groupe de Physique Théorique, Institut de Physique Nucléaire, 91406 Orsay Cedex, France
3  Nuclear Physics Institute, 250 68 Rez, Czech Republic


(Received: 18 December 2000 / Revised version: 29 March 2001 Communicated by P. Schuck)

We have applied to the 208Pb muonic atom a series of recurrence relations relating the moments of the ground-state density and the energy differences between the 1s level and the states of the $\it yrast$ line. The large amount of precise experimental data and the electromagnetic character of the interaction allow a detailed test of the method for determining the ground-state density and reconstructing the local equivalent potential. Though the present work is limited to the study of the efficiency for a given trial density, it results in a semi-quantitative analysis with an accuracy better than 1% .

36.10.Gv - Mesonic atoms and molecules, hyperonic atoms and molecules.
03.65.Ge - Solutions of wave equations: bound states.
02.30.Zz - Inverse problems.

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