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Hadrons and Nuclei

Eur. Phys. J. A 11, 147-154 (2001)

Phase shift analysis and extraction of structure functions for Coulomb distortion on (e,e'p) reactions at high electron energies

K.S. Kim1, Myung Ki Cheoun2, Yeungun Chung3 and Hyung Joo Nam4

1  BK21 Physics Research Division and Institute of Basic Science, Sung Kyun Kwan, University, Suwon, 440-746, Korea
2  Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, Seoul National University, Seoul, 151-742, Korea
3  Department of Physics, Yosu National University, Yosu, 550-250, Korea
4  Department of Physics, Chung-Ang University, Seoul 156-756, Korea


(Received: 4 January 2001 / Revised version: 5 April 2001 Communicated by M. Garçon)

In this paper we improve our approximate phase shifts of the electron wave functions by including Coulomb distortion effects from medium and heavy nuclei on exclusive (e,e'p) reactions in the quasielastic region. The new phase shifts are parameterized for the elastic electron scattering and work very well at incident electron energies greater than 300 MeV. The structure functions with the new phase shifts for the electron wave functions are extracted. We use a relativistic single-particle model as applied to 208Pb and to recently measured data at CEBAF on 16O(e,e'p) to investigate the electron Coulomb distortion effects and to extract the structure functions with the new phase shifts.

25.30.Fj - Inelastic electron scattering to continuum.
25.70.Bc - Elastic and quasielastic scattering.

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