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Hadrons and Nuclei

Eur. Phys. J. A 11, 125-136 (2001)

Charge-independent effective interactions for shell-model studies in the 0g9/2-1p1/2 space

I.P. Johnstone1 and L.D. Skouras2

1  Department of Physics, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6
2  Institute of Nuclear Physics, N.C.S.R. Demokritos, GR-15310 Aghia Paraskevi, Greece


(Received: 31 May 2001 Communicated by P. Schuck)

The matrix elements of the effective Hamiltonian in the 0g9/2-1p1/2 space are determined by a least-square fit to the energies of 477 levels of nuclei with $38\le Z \le 50$ and $47 \le N \le 50$. The results of the calculation are found to be in better agreement with experiment than those obtained with previously determined interactions.

21.60.Cs - Shell model.
21.30.Fe - Forces in hadronic systems and effective interactions.
21.10.Dr - Binding energies and masses.

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