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Hadrons and Nuclei

Eur. Phys. J. A 12, 121-124 (2001)

General formalism in collinear regime for pseudoscalar meson production in NN collisions

N.K. Pak and M.P. Rekalo

Physics Department, Middle East Technical University, 06531, Ankara, Turkey


(Received: 13 August 2001 Communicated by V.V. Anisovich )

The spin structure of the matrix element for the pseudoscalar meson production processes in nucleon-nucleon collisions is established in the collinear kinematical regime in terms of 3 independent scalar amplitudes. This result is valid for any reaction mechanism and for any energy of the colliding and the produced particles. The complete experiment for the full reconstruction of all 3 complex amplitudes must contain two different classes of polarization experiments. The polarization transfer coefficients can be used to determine the moduli of all 3 amplitudes, whereas the spin correlation coefficients for \(
\vec{p} + \vec{p} \) collisions are sensitive to the relative phases of different amplitudes.

13.88.+e - Polarization in interactions and scattering.
14.20.Dh - Protons and neutrons.

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