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Hadrons and Nuclei

Eur. Phys. J. A 13, 339-347 (2002)

Symmetry character of collective states in $\chem{^{104}Pd}$ populated in the $\chem{EC\mbox{-}\beta^+}$ decay of $\chem{^{104}Ag}$

A. Giannatiempo1, 2, A. Nannini2, A. Perego1, 2 and P. Sona1, 2

1  Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Firenze, 50125, Florence, Italy
2  Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Sezione di Firenze, 50125, Florence, Italy


(Received: 26 September 2001 Communicated by R.A. Ricci)

The states of 104Pd, populated in the EC- $\beta ^+$ decay of the ground ( $J^\pi = 5^+$) and metastable ( $J^\pi = 2^+$) states of 104Ag, have been investigated in the framework of the proton-neutron interacting boson model, extending a previous analysis to take into account the newly appeared experimental data. All positive-parity states up to an excitation energy of 3 MeV and spin in the range $J = 1\mbox{--}6$, fed by more than 0.3% in the decay of the parent nucleus, have been considered. As a result, strong evidence has been found for interpreting most of these states as states of collective nature having a quite pure full- or mixed-symmetry character and, in particular, for identifying the 1 + level at 2276 keV as the lowest 1 + mixed-symmetry state.

21.60.Fw - Collective models.
21.10.Re - Collective levels.
27.60.+j - $90\leq A\leq149$ .

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