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Hadrons and Nuclei
Eur. Phys. J. A 15, 99-103 (2002)
DOI: 10.1140/epja/i2001-10234-8

Spectroscopy of nuclei around $\mth{N=20}$ with direct reactions

T. Motobayashi

Department of Physics, Rikkyo University, 3 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo 171-8501, Japan


(Received: 21 March 2002 / Published online: 31 October 2002)

Due to the recent development of radioactive beam production, various direct reaction studies in reversed kinematics have been made to investigate the behavior of the N=20 shell closure in the neutron-rich region. Coulomb excitation, proton inelastic scattering, and fragmentation of unstable nuclei have been studied with $\gamma$-ray detection.

23.20.Lv - Gamma transitions and level energies.
25.40.Ep - Inelastic proton scattering.
25.60.-t - Reactions induced by unstable nuclei.
25.70.De - Coulomb excitation.

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