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Hadrons and Nuclei
Eur. Phys. J. A 15, 245-248 (2002)
DOI: 10.1140/epja/i2001-10262-4

Carbon clusters for absolute mass measurements at ISOLTRAP

K. Blaum1, G. Bollen2, F. Herfurth3, A. Kellerbauer4, H.-J. Kluge1, M. Kuckein5, E. Sauvan4, C. Scheidenberger1 and L. Schweikhard6

1  GSI, D-64291 Darmstadt, Germany
2  NSCL, Michigan State University, East Lansing MI 48824, USA
3  Sektion Physik, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München, D-85748 Garching, Germany
4  CERN, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
5  Fakultät Für Physik, Technische Universität München, D-85748 Garching, Germany
6  Instut für Physik, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald, D-17487 Greifswald, Germany


(Received: 21 March 2002 / Published online: 31 October 2002)

The cyclotron frequencies of singly charged carbon clusters $\chem{C}$ n+ $(n \geq 2)$ were measured with the Penning-trap mass spectrometer ISOLTRAP at ISOLDE/CERN. The present limit of mass accuracy $\delta m/m = 1.2\cdot10^{-8}$ and the extent of the mass-dependent systematic shift $(\delta
m/m)_\ab{sys} = 1.7(0.6)\cdot10^{-10}/\un{u} \cdot
(m-m_\ab{ref})$ of the setup were investigated for the first time. In addition, absolute mass measurements by use of pure clusters of the most abundant carbon isotope $\chem{^{12}C}$ are now possible at ISOLTRAP.

21.10.Dr - Binding energies and masses.
36.40.Wa - Charged clusters.

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