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Hadrons and Nuclei
Eur. Phys. J. A 16, 1-5 (2003)
DOI: 10.1140/epja/i2002-10106-9

Short Note

Experimental evidence for signature inversion in $\chem{^{132}La}$ from a revisited level scheme

J. Timár1, D. Sohler1, B.M. Nyakó1, L. Zolnai1, Zs. Dombrádi1, E.S. Paul2, A.J. Boston2, C. Fox2, P.J. Nolan2, J.A. Sampson2, H.C. Scraggs2, A. Walker2, J. Gizon3, A. Gizon3, D. Bazzacco4, S. Lunardi4, C.M. Petrache4, A. Astier5, N. Buforn5, P. Bednarczyk6 and N. Kintz6

1  Institute of Nuclear Research, Pf. 51, H-4001 Debrecen, Hungary
2  Oliver Lodge Laboratory, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, L69 7ZE, United Kingdom
3  Institut des Sciences Nucléaires, IN2P3-CNRS/Université Joseph Fourier, F-38026, Grenoble Cedex, France
4  Dipartimento di Fisica and INFN, Sezione di Padova, I-35131 Padova, Italy
5  IPN Lyon, IN2P3-CNRS, Université C. Bernard Lyon-1, F-69622 Villeurbanne, France
6  Institut de Recherches Subatomiques, F-67037-Strasbourg, France


(Received: 7 May 2002 / Revised version: 5 September 2002 / Published online: 17 January 2003)

The decay out of the ${\pi}h_{11/2}{\nu}h_{11/2}$ band to the known low-energy levels in 132La was studied using the reaction $\chem{^{100}Mo+{}^{36}S}$ at 160 MeV beam energy. The low-energy level scheme has been further developed and unambiguous spin and parity values have been assigned to the levels connecting the band to the 6 - isomeric state. According to the new level scheme the spins in the ${\pi}h_{11/2}{\nu}h_{11/2}$ band are shifted up by one unit compared to the earlier tentative experimental values. The obtained new spins prove the existence of signature inversion in 132La and give further support to the spin assignments made for the ${\pi}h_{11/2}{\nu}h_{11/2}$ bands in the neighbouring odd-odd La isotopes from level energy systematics.

21.10.Hw - Spin, parity, and isobaric spin.
21.10.Re - Collective levels.
27.60.+j - $90 \leq A \leq 149$ .

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