2022 Impact factor 2.7
Hadrons and Nuclei
Eur. Phys. J. A 4, 287-289

Note on shadowing and diffraction in deep-inelastic lepton scattering

G. Piller1 - L. Ferreira2 - W. Weise1

1 Physik Department, Technische Universität München, D-85747 Garching, Germany
2 Departamento de Fisica and CFIF-Edificio Ciencia, Instituto Superior Tecnico, P-1096 Lisboa, Portugal

Received: 16 October 1998 Communicated by A. Schäfer

We discuss the close relation between shadowing in deep-inelastic lepton-nucleus scattering and diffractive photo- and leptoproduction of hadrons from free nucleons. We show that the magnitude of nuclear shadowing at small Bjorken-x, as measured by the E665 and NMC collaborations, is directly related to HERA data on the amount of diffraction in the scattering from free nucleons.

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