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Hadrons and Nuclei

Eur. Phys. J. A 13, 181-187 (2002)

Impurity nuclear physics

Hypernuclear $\mth{\gamma}$ spectroscopy and future plans for neutron-rich hypernuclei
H. Tamura

Department of Physics, Tohoku University, Sendai 980-8578, Japan

(Received: 1 May 2001 )

Using a germanium-detector array for hypernuclear $\gamma$ spectroscopy (Hyperball), we measured B(E2) of the $^7_\Lambda$Li hypernucleus and observed a significant shrinkage of the 6Li core induced by a $\Lambda$-particle. In this way, nuclear properties can be drastically changed by introducing a $\Lambda$-particle, which can be investigated by high-resolution hypernuclear $\gamma$ spectroscopy. In the future neutron-rich hypernuclei will also be studied, where interesting modifications of nuclear structure by a $\Lambda$-particle are expected.

21.80.+a - Hypernuclei.
23.20.Lv - Gamma transitions and level energies.

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